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Six Sigma Performance
Green Belt - Six Sigma Methodology

Green Belt Training Module

The On Site Green Belt Modules

This program allows companies of all sizes to have access to the Six Sigma tools for a wider variety of employees. Green Belt training is designed to give candidates a learning experience through four "learn/apply" cycles. Green Belts are typically supported and mentored by the Black Belt group and in turn will be a valuable resource for the Black Belts on future projects. Project selection for Green Belts is based on Green Belt candidates maintain their regular positions within the company.

The program consists of four training modules over a twelve week period. Each module is separated by a period of two weeks of application on their specific project. In a similar fashion as the Black Belt program, the four modules are comprised of Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. The initial step to the program is the Define Project step which is covered in the Executive and Champion training program , as well as in the Measure module.

Each module starts with a presentation by the Green Belt candidate of what has occurred to that point in the project. A list of deliverables is provided to each candidate and Champion. At the end of the twelve week training program the Green Belt is required to present a report and demonstrate that they have successfully completed a project using the Six Sigma program.

Week One Measure Module

1) Introduction
2) Success Strategy
3) Defect Analysis
4) Gage Repeatability & Reproducibility Studies
5) Basic Statistics
6) Process Capability Analysis
8) Process Flow Diagraming
9) Input / Output Study
10) Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

Week Two Analyze Module

1) Distribution Characterization
2) Data Demographics
3) Multi-Vari Analysis
4) Statistical Comparison of Means / Variances and Proportions
5) Introduction to Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
6) Correlation and Regression

Week Three Improve Module

1) Introduction to 2K Full Factorial Designs
2) Class Exercise Catapult
3) General Factorial
4) Fractional Factorial Design
5) DOE - Preparation

Week Four Control Module

1) Mistake Proofing
2) Statistical Process Control
3) Control Plans